An undiscovered wilderness

North Sea, nature untamed – 2024 in cinemas and on TV

The largest natural expanse in Western Europe

The North Sea is the busiest shipping route in Europe. It is an area of intensive fishing and it is the scene of a major energy transition. But first and foremost, the North Sea is a huge domain of marine wildlife. It’s a fascinating underwater world that is undiscovered and has never been portrayed before. The many secrets of the North Sea will be revealed in a spectacular feature film and tv-series.

A major media project

With a cinema feature film and a 4-part TV series supported by events and merchandise, we will share the secrets of the North Sea with a wide-ranging public. Dutch Maritime Productions and EMS FILMS realise this major media project. In 2024, the film will be shown in cinemas and on TV.

After ‘The New Wilderness, now ‘North Sea – nature untamed’

‘North Sea, nature untamed’, is a co-production of Dutch Maritime Productions and EMS FILMS. EMS FILMS has made ‘De Nieuwe Wildernis’ because they wanted to show people that beautiful nature does not always have to be exotic and far away. With that in mind, it is a fantastic challenge to work together with Dutch Maritime Productions to tell the story of the North Sea to the general public. Dutch Maritime Productions knows the North Sea from years of experience with diving and filming underwater. The North Sea is not an easy place to film, but nature is of a fascinating coherence, beauty and richness. The North Sea nature – just like the Oostvaardersplassen at the time – is a great ‘unknown’ to most people. It is fantastic that we can now visualize this together because the North Sea deserves the spotlight and a big stage.